The Flood: Everybody Is a Broken Heart
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“Medicine Lodge, Kansas” OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO
“You Don’t Need Me” OFFICIAL VIDEO

Holing up in a converted nineteenth century tavern off the Erie Canal, The Flood worked closely with Engineer and Producer Dave Drago at 1809 Studios in Macedon, NY to create a debut album that could capture the energy and comraderie of the group. Each song shows a different snapshot of the band: full live tracking allowed for a level of organic and authentic interplay. The album embraces diverse influences: Rock, Blues, Funk, Country, and Folk fans will all trace threads throughout the record as each song flows to create the Americana patchwork of music The Flood has come to call its sound. “Everybody Is a Broken Heart” shows a level of cohesion and expertise remarkable for any band, much less one still in its first year of making music together.