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The Flood
Original Americana/Rock from Western NY
Twitter: @roctheflood
Contact: Josh (585) 474-9040

Short Bio

The Flood is a four piece Americana/Rock band from Rochester, NY. Its members include some of the area’s finest musicians. By embracing the diverse musical interests and backgrounds of each band member, the group crafts original music that remains immediately identifiable as it weaves, bends and defies genre categorization. Each high-energy live set includes close-knit vocal harmonies, funk-driven grooves, masterful guitar hooks, soaring keyboard lines, and mixed meter psychedelic jams. That musical exploration is strengthened by a band that remains grounded in the careful construction of its songs: ones which speak earnestly, personally, and which tell the kinds of stories that invite listeners to explore their own interpretations.


Eric Carlin (guitars, vocals)
Josh Massicot (keys, vocals)
Justin Rister (bass, vocals)
Matt Bevan-Perkins (drums)


Abilene Bar & Lounge (Rochester, NY)
Fairport B-Side (Fairport, NY)
Lovin’ Cup Bistro (Rochester, NY)
Nazareth College Wilmot Hall (Rochester, NY)
Pollywogg Holler (Belmont, NY)
Sticky Lips Juke Joint (Henrietta, NY)
Three Heads Brewing (Rochester, NY)
Two Goats Brewing (Hector, NY)
Weekend at Chucky’s (West Almond, NY)

New Recording

This winter, the band recorded its first full-length LP. Holing up in a converted nineteenth century tavern off the Erie Canal, the band worked closely with Dave Drago at 1809 Studios to create an album that highlighted the energy and diversity of the group. Each song shows a different snapshot of the band: full live tracking allowed for a level of organic and authentic interplay. Now in post-production, the record shows a level of cohesion and expertise remarkable for any band, much less one still in its first year of making music together.


Booking/Further Information

Contact Josh at (585) 474-9040 or email

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